About Us:

The Story of The Firehouse 54:

First of all, I love to cook! It is a passion of mine. Three years ago I bought a 20' gooseneck pizza trailer. A friend called it the "Firehouse" because it is big and red and it seemed right. The 54 was added later when I got my tax number. Those of you who know me, know what the 54 means.

I bought the trailer in July and the North West Missouri State Fair was in September, not much time to get ready for such a big event. But we did it. I got busy and got some wonderful helpers.
By the time the fair was here I thought I had it mastered. I started making and selling pizza on the square in Eagleville on Friday nights for anyone who wanted it. Sales expanded to more nights in the summer when the weather was good and more people were out.

Two years later, an auctionier friend asked me to start serving auctions, then our local school called and wanted me to serve pizza, after that the church called and wanted pizza as well. Soon I was a catering fool.

A year ago, I bought a lot south off the square, thinking, if I just had a small building I could do pizza all the time, do some catering, do whatever the community needed or wanted. A year later, I am open for business.

And now you know the rest of the story.

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